Exploring Some Of Denver’s Hidden Gems

Denver is a remarkable city, one that is a true gem. While some of that obviously comes from an outstanding location and incredible natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, but the city has done a fantastic job of really building up top notch businesses that further strengthen the community and continue to encourage even more development to continue. While it’s easy to find articles about the top 20 spots or even top 50 spots in Denver, this is a city that is absolutely loaded with true hidden gems. Read on to learn more about some you won’t want to miss the next time you are in the Mile High City.

West Rail Bar & Grill
A fantastic bar and grill in Lakewood that features a large restaurant/bar with an outstanding menu, this is the perfect place to meet friendly people, see the game on TV, and at night the side saloon also opens up, giving you your choice of bar and ambiance as it is almost like two great bars pushed together into one location.

The food is fantastic, both bar food appetizers and main dishes, the ambiance is good, and the cross section of friendly regulars means plenty of opportunities for great conversations. This is a favorite local spot in a very popular suburb for a reason!

Forest Room 5
Located right in downtown Denver among many much more well known restaurants and bars, even among others considered “hidden gems,” Forest Room 5 has a bright red exterior and an interior that is heavy lumber/cabin themed. Bar stools shaped like stumps, an amazing kitchen, this is a family friendly place during the day and one of the best bars in the area at night. The true definition of a must visit hidden gem.

Apex Movement
If you’re into parkour then this is going to be a dream come true for you. A well developed indoor course with every type of challenge you can hope for you can jump, roll, swing, climb, and move over, under, and through obstacles in about every single way imaginable. The amount of options are really mind boggling and this can take your parkour movement up to an entirely new level.

These are just a few of the many gems that can be found throughout the city of Denver. If you really want to enjoy the best of the best of the beaten path, then here they are!